This I Believe

In these recordings, you will hear students reading their own essays or describing extemporaneously a strong belief that they hold. Although the beliefs are not based on 19th century literature, many of them are timeless.

I Believe in Learning from Mistakes

I Believe in the Power of Music

I Believe in Aviation

I Believe in a Post-Apocalyptic Scenario (the recording begins on Slide 5)

I Believe in Protecting Sharks

I Believe My Voice Can Make a Difference

Here are links to a few more This I Believe student recordings:
 Follow Your Goals  Young Engineers   Hockey   
 Hard Work Pays Off   Morality   Chaotic Situation (recording starts on Slide 5)

This was the assignment:
For your This I Believe Essay, review pages 59-61 in Access
Choose a topic that resonates with you. You may follow up on our discussions on education, following your passion or your bliss, technology, etc. Be sure that you can name your belief.

Before you begin writing, brainstorm some of the ideas you wish to include. Think about how you will develop the ideas and what order will be the most logical. Start writing the body paragraphs and then work on an attention-getting opener for your introduction and a thoughtful conclusion that wraps up your ideas and leaves the reader with something to reflect on.

Your essay should be about 450 words. Later, we will record the essays and use pictures or photos to illustrate it.

If you need more information to be inspired, check these links on the CBC website:

Read and listen to CBC This I Believe essays here
Background information on CBC's radio broadcast is here.
Background information on the non-profit organization This I Believe is here.

Some interesting examples
Samantha Nutt, founder of War Child Canada
Tony Hawk, skateboarder: Do What You Love
Luis Alberto Urrea, Author: Life Is an Act of Literary Creation
A blog with links to the most current essays and montages is here.